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The Caffeinated Life

Living in manic, panic, or frantic mode?  How's that working out?

If you're ready for healthy habits that support a soberly-sustainable pace,  lets make time to make plans to live The Caffeinated Life.


My Teenager Has A Ticket For The Rollercoaster Ride

Our actions and attitudes are fueled by what we believe is true of ourselves. The desires of kids are fueled by innocent yet intense belief that just about anything is possible. Yet, for adults obstacles seem to be reality and dreams appear unreasonable. Re-awaken longings, touch base with what is true and be inspired to once again live into possibility. 


Queen of Everything and Tired of It

Does anyone really have it all together? Does today’s to-do list require super-hero qualities? Do the demands of our instant-everything, techno tidal wave, more-is-better culture make you want to resign?  Please don't. Together we will observe  some  expectations and motivations that will let us be Queen - just not of Everything!


Making Space for God

Carving out a place to ponder prayer. More than communication - it’s sustanance. Beyond a good idea - it’s vital. But when and where and how does it happen? And does it really make a difference?

Let’s talk. Let’s listen. Let’s lean in and find out.


We are Made -- Imago Dei

If your mom introduced you to a group of people, what do you think she would she say?  How about if Jesus did the introduction - how would he describe your distinctiveness?

We are meant to be free and loved humans living in community with other's who are too.

A fresh look at God's Top 10 Best Way's To Live for those who are made in his image.  


Queen of Everything and Tired of It - Holiday Edition

A humorous and thought provoking message that provides encouragement & practical suggestions for overcoming the overwhelming expectations and meaningless motivations we  can get swallowed up by during the holidays. How to thrive in - not just survive - the holiday season.

The Buzz

"If the story telling ability of Annie Dillard was joined to Peter Rabbit's sense of wonder and was as devoted as Hannah yielding her son Samuel to Eli, while being shot through the quirky likeability of Mary Tyler Moore, you would end up with Laura DeGroot. I can listen and learn and laugh with her for hours."

-  Mark Tidd Co-Pastor Highlands Church, Denver, CO

"You will love her amazing story-telling gift and ability to present truth with humor and vulnerability. She is a relationship-focused woman who is willing to speak to the ultimate need of humanity." - Kelly Murphy, Chicago, Illinois

"Laura's creatively humorous slant on life, mixed with her grasp of Scripture and zeal to know God more deeply, invites you to want more..fresh..deep." 

- Kathleen Fagre Musicianary, Fairbanks, Alaska

Let's Work Together