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The Caffeinated Woman isn't a title. It is a way of life.

Caffeinated living isn't about drinking coffee. It is living into what is true and possible. It is living authentically and abundantly. It is conceivable when we lean into the pursuit of healing and wholeness, passion and participation in our own unique and important story.

Laura DeGroot provides you with an unforgettable experience. Her presentations are filled with raw emotion, humor, and great applications for real life. Each presentation can be tailored for your specific needs. Below is a list of popular presentations:

Queen of Everything and Tired of It
Does anyone really have it all together? Does today’s to-do list require super-hero qualities? Do the demands of our instant-everything, techno tidal wave, more-is-better culture make you want to resign? No need to give up!

Re-visit realistic expectations for being a Queen - just not of Everything!

Queen of Everything and Tired of It-Holiday Edition
A humorous and thought provoking message that provides encouragement & practical suggestions for overcoming the overwhelming expectations and meaningless motivations. We can get swallowed up by during the holidays. How to thrive - not just survive - the holiday season.

Comic Relief
A perfect way to start the new year. Re-set your reality button and laugh a little...or a lot. Re-store a positive emotional climate and sense of connection in the places you live and work and have your being with the practical, powerful benefits of humor.

The Moral of Your Story
Are you making waves or making a difference? Do you spend your time or waste it? Are you aiming towards something great or are you stuck in the thick of thin things? We each have a story to write, to live. What will be the significance of yours?

My Teenager Has A Ticket For The Rollercoaster Ride
Our actions and attitudes are fueled by what we believe is true of ourselves. The desires of kids are fueled by innocent yet intense belief that just about anything is possible. Yet, for adults obstacles seem to be reality and dreams appear unreasonable. Re-awaken longings, touch base with what is true and be inspired to once again live into possibility.

For Leaders Only
Queen Of Everything and Tired Of It-Leader Edition
This topic can be used as a keynote for your organization, or can be used as part of a day to facilitate leader refreshment.