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The Buzz

What People Are Saying

You will love her amazing story-telling gift and ability to present truth with humor and vulnerability. She is a relationship-focused woman who is willing to speak to the ultimate need of humanity." - Kelly Murphy, Chicago, Illinois

As usual, it was delightful to have you lead our Women's Retreat. You adapt yourself to the "personality" of the group. We are a social, noisy bunch. You fit right in! -Ruth Harthan, Littleton, Colorado

Laura's creatively humorous slant on life, mixed with her grasp of Scripture and zeal to know God more deeply, invites you to want more..fresh..deep. - Kathleen Fagre, Fairbanks, Alaska

If the story telling ability of Annie Dillard was joined to Peter Rabbit's sense of wonder and was as devoted as Hannah yielding her son Samuel to Eli, while being shot through the quirky likeability of Mary Tyler Moore, you would end up with Laura DeGroot. I can listen and learn and laugh with her for hours. - Mark Tidd, Denver, Colorado

Laura is an exceptional, vibrant speaker. She tells a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and then takes that story and makes it real for you as an individual. Your faith walk will be challenged, strengthened, and brought to a new level. - Laura Sneller, Sioux City, Iowa

Laura is one of our favorite speakers! She has the ability to have you rolling with laughter and crying at the same time. - Rick Ebbers, Longmont, Colorado

You give a powerful, heartwarming message with your enjoyable sense of humor and energy...
-Eileen Helmstetter,
New London, Minnesota

Laura DeGroot lives her faith in real-time, in the everyday activities of life. And when she speaks, she brings you into her world through humor, insight, and self disclosure.
- Jam Timm, Boulder, Colorado

Loved your willingness to be open about the struggle of “keeping it together,” with impatience, your sorrow, your “too-busy” life. You were professional, dignified, and human... - Beverly Peters, Boulder, Colorado

I came with reservations because I'm not a retreat kind of person... but, it was incredible! You are a very, very gifted speaker: humorous, warm, sincere, genuine, sensitive, and love God. - Wanda TeGrotenhuis, Louisville, Colorado