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We all need to be inspired and reminded to know and nurture who we are; to be motivated and encouraged in the things we are called to do. That’s why we carve out time to get away!

For churches and organizations
You’re invited to chose a topic that fits your audience. Laura will come alongside your planning team to work with your time-tables and flavor. Together you will create a "don’t-want-to-miss-this" retreat event.

NEW: For small groups and individuals:
You’re invited to make time and space with the people you know. You take care of food and shelter, Laura will take care of the design of the time. Include your book club, your softball team, your best friends. Make it a day or a night or a weekend away.

Here are a couple of themes for our time together:

There are things we want... There are things we need... Then there are the things we crave...
Things that are more satisfying than what's in our stomach... that go deeper than what’s on our mind... that are more reliable than anything we can buy. Are the things we crave - the things of God?

Life and Jobs
What does your life worthy of living look like?

Animals and Obstacles
What gets in the way of living the way you crave?

Appliances and Guarantees
Satisfying God Cravings

The Thing About Stars

Session One: Stars Speak
Do you wonder if your shine quality has gotten lost in the daily grind. Has the twinkle gone out of your love life or work life or student life? The thing about stars is that they radiate life changing truth about God and His vision of us. And they point to His profound Promise.

Session Two: You're Not Shiny When You're Whiny

Choices, choices, so many choices; pink or blue, french fries or a salad, stay home or go out, to complain or be content, to accept or criticize, my way or the highway. Each choice influences our existence. Choosing to live in contrast to all things whiny, inspired by an extraordinary job description.

Session Three: Bold From the Beginning
The world is unimpressed with superficial. The world needs authentic. The world knows the difference. People are watching - what is your life saying?

Optional Session: The Best Way To Live
An interactive time with the scripture, alone and together. Read, listen, wonder, ask, find and create a memorable mosaic of living life, Jesus style.

Renovation of the Heart: A Retreat
Renovate: to make as good as new. Could your heart stand a little renewal, refreshment, rejuvenation? Then this is a weekend you won’t want to miss!

Session One: Will the Strong Willed Child Please Stand Up
Hearts transformed by Faith.

Session Two: The Cat in the Bathtub
Hearts transformed by Forgiveness.

Session Three: When the Tire Hits the Tarmac

Hearts transformed by Gratitude.

Session Four: Love Letters on Legal Paper
Hearts transformed by Love.

Making Space for God
Carving out a place to ponder prayer. More than communication - it’s sustanance. Beyond a good idea - it’s vital. But when and where and how does it happen? And does it really make a difference?

Let’s talk. Let’s listen. Let’s lean in and find out.

Session One: Why Make Space At All?
Session Two: Sacred Space
Session Three: Listening Space
Session Four: Enter the Space

Indispensable Friendship
Who are the people that cheer you on, that keep you accountable, that tell you like it is? Who do you listen to, who do you laugh with, who do you trust? Taking time to consider those who substantially influence our life, and the way we do that for others.

Naming and Claiming
The distinction of friends: the significance of how they’re wired and what they do.
Realize the value you bring to relationships.

Invitation and Belonging
Build, grow, maintain, repair - honing the skills essential for friendship.

Stories and Situations
Remembering and Recognizing the ones who make our life rich.